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Questions to Ask When Beginning Analysis

May 9, 2016

Many projects that I've worked on have lots of data about user behavior but it's often daunting to start with good introductory questions. The questions that will be relevant to your particular project will vary, but here are some common questions that I've found myself asking when I start with a new project that get the analysis process started and allow for deeper questions.

Unit Economics

  • What is the average revenue per order?
  • What is the product breakdown per basket? (if you sell multiple products do some sell more than others, do they sell together?)
  • What are your cost of goods sold per order?
  • What is your Customer Acquisition Cost? (See Marketing)

User Behavior and Lifetime Value

  • What is cohorted user retention?
  • Are there any other core user behaviors that we can cohort against?
  • What is user reuse by cohort?
  • What is the lifetime value (LTV) of each user cohort?
    • Is LTV increasing per cohort or decreasing?


  • Where are Orders coming from?
  • What is the breakdown per channel per product or do some channels lead to higher purchase prices than others
    • In addition to the highest revenue order channel, what channel has the highest profit per order?
  • What is your average Cost of Customer acquisition per channel?
  • What is your user retention?
  • What is your user retention per channel?
  • What is your user Life Time Value per customer (LTV = Average User Lifetime * Profit Per Time Period, ex. LTV = 13 months * Average Profit Per User / Month).
  • What Pages are users visiting the most?
  • What funnels lead to users registering or purchasing the most?
  • What pages have the highest bounce rate?
  • Are your users concentrated in a particular geography?


  • What terms do my customers use when describing my company?
  • What is the competition for these terms?
    • What are the highest traffic / most description terms for my project that have the lowest competition?

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